A series of striking shots reflecting the breadth and drama of helicopters and our industry at work have been selected as winners of HAI’s fifth annual ROTOR Magazine Photo Contest. This year, 223 photographers submitted nearly 581 images. The grand prize winner and five category winners will be showcased in the Winter 2017 issue of ROTOR. In addition, the Winter issue’s cover is an honorable mention photo.

The rules of the contest are simple. Anyone — not just HAI members — may submit up to five photos in each of five categories. Each photo must include all or part of a helicopter. The five categories are: Helicopters at Work; Helicopters in the Military; Helicopters Serving the Community; People and Their Helicopters, and Cellphone Photos.


Grand Prize

The majestic S-61 bringing a wedding party to a mountain nearby Nuuk, Greenland – Knowing where they would land, I ran to the highest point and was able to catch this moment of colleagues and wedding guests arriving wavingly.


Helicopters at Work

An Air Station Traverse City MH-65D Dolphin helicopter moves into position for hoisting operations on Lake Michigan.


Helicopters in the Military

This is a picture of a CG Jayhawk landing on the flight deck of the USCGC Stratton. I took this photo on 12JUN2016 and we were out at sea off of California. I have no Aviation background, just a love of photography.


Helicopters Serving the Community

The photo was taken on August 21, 2016, at Mittel Allalin near Saas Fee, Switzerland. I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time – on vacation. I am a helicopter pilot working in the UAE.


People and Their Helicopters

Hi, Please find attached the photograph that I would like to submit for the photo contest (category: “People and Helicopters”). I took this photo “The guest & the pilot” in October 2016, at Maun International Airport, Botswana. The photo was taken after a stunning scenic flight over the Okavango Delta (recently declared a World Heritage Site). The guest (left), is so happy with his experience, and shakes the pilot’s hand in gratitude. In this photo I tried to capture the idea that a Helicopter is so much more than just an aircraft. It symbolises a lifestyle full of experiences and I wanted to show how essential the pilot is for the guest’s experience. It is the pilot, a man that loves what he does, that makes the helicopter experience outstanding for the guest. The hot sun setting in the dust in the Horizon shows a spectrum of colors from red, love, to yellow, happiness. All nine of the amazing pilots that I have the pleasure of working and living with – love what they do. Everyday I witness them sharing this passion with our guests. I work for Helicopter Horizons, based in Maun. I have worked here since August, and am responsible for their social media platforms as well as assisting professional or enthusiastic, budding photographers that fly with us. I love greeting the clients on arrival and meeting them at the helicopter when they return – their joy and excitement is so rewarding! My name is Noah Falklind, I am 21 years old and am travelling the world in my gap year after High School. Home is Gothenburg, on the west coast of Sweden. This past year I have traveled and photographed Europe, Brazil and now found a base in Botswana. Photography is my big passion, and I am constantly working on it as a form of communication. The pilots and the helicopter – inspires me everyday – through my photographs I try to influence people to see the beauty and excitement. Warm regards, Noah Warm regards, /Noah —————————–


Cellphone Photos

Photographer: Tommy Brooks – Quincy California firefighter working near Andrews North Carolina

In addition to having their photos published in the Winter 2017 ROTOR magazine and displayed prominently at HAI HELI-EXPO 2017 in Dallas, Trexas, the grand prize winner receives a $500 prize and each category winner receives a $50 prize.

The 2018 ROTOR Magazine Photo Contest will open for entries on August 1, 2017, at photo.rotor.org and will run through December 1, 2017.